How it Optimizes

MDfit creates a single "pane of glass" for optimal scheduling and question handling for your customer service representatives and patient access schedulers in call centers. By aligning simplified condition-based scheduling across specialties and departments, patient access staff can handle any scheduling or information request and know the underlying data is valid.

Our technology consolidates and validates your provider scheduling protocols, provider data, insurance information, and location datasets. MDfit then overlays a clinical scope of practice and provider preferences. Your call center representatives now have easy and immediate access to all relevant provider information, without the need for cumbersome questionnaire-based workflows, educated "guessing" or flipping through binders and spreadsheets.

Efficiencies are gained through faster call handling, increased cross-specialty capabilities, and always up-to-date data.

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Why It Works

MDfit brings together relevant patient and provider information into a single system to ensure the right patient is seen by the right provider, at the right time, every time. Our user interface is designed to maximize the amount of information a patient access scheduler, concierge, or customer service representative can quickly access to efficiently perform their daily tasks. By minimizing “clicks”, MDfit maximizes your call center workflows.

With MDfit in place, you now have an intelligent and reliable provider directory that quickly becomes the center of outstanding patient access.

During MDfit implementation, our analysts help you consolidate, update, and validate provider directory data so that practices and call centers are always working from the same play book. Once live, our Social-Feedback features allow anyone to suggest provider and practice data updates, empowering all your staff to correct on-going data changes.

Our Unique Benefits - Call Centers

Condition-Based Scheduling

Align patient clinical conditions with provider treatment preferences and expertise for optimal scheduling.

Higher Service Levels

Increase cross-specialty scheduling capability, decrease call wait times, minimize “clicks” required to schedule, and dozens of others.

Increased Call Handling

Eliminate the lost productivity that occurs when patients are matched to the wrong provider for their needs. Optimize scheduling resource capabilities.

Call Case Reporting & Analytics

Drill into case scheduling performance, patient call analytics, and dozens of other relevant metrics.

Ability to Centralize Operations

Centralize, manage and optimize all patient scheduling and referral access points.

Mapping & Directions

Turn-by-turn directions and built-in mapping helps get your patients to their appointment on time.

Condition-Based Triage Alerting

Notify patients when appointment types require additional instruction and precautions.

Decreased Call Abandonment Rates

Minimize both appointment abandonment and call abandonment by scheduling the ideal provider for each patient.

Queue-Based Management

Allow call center schedulers and customer service representatives to manage referral and scheduling queues.

Reduce Wrong Appointments

Minimize wasted provider time and resources by having the right patient see the right provider, every time.

Integrated Insurance Eligibility

Verify demographics and insurance eligibility before an appointment is scheduled.

Patient History Lookup

Quickly identify care teams, gaps-in-care, and encounter history, for improved care and outcomes.

Launch in your call center today & experience the MDfit difference!

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