Who Patients Want

At the core of MDfit is one guiding question: “Who is the ideal provider for each patient?” We use a combination of provider preferences, patient restrictions, clinical history, and health organization requirements to schedule the right appointment for each patient.

Your patients benefit from knowing they are scheduled with the best provider for their condition and preferences. Your providers benefit from always seeing patients appropriate for their clinical scope of practice. Your organization benefits by scheduling across departments and specialties, eliminating wasted resources when patients are seen by the wrong provider.

MDfit uses a complex “best-fit” algorithm to create a prioritized list of providers for each patient based on their needs and preferences.

When It Matters

By solving the provider to patient search & match problem, MDfit enables every scheduler and concierge to quickly handle all common appointment related questions a patient may have.

Less than a third of the top U.S. hospitals and health systems are able to answer the simple patient posed question: “who is the best provider to treat my clinical condition?” MDfit allows you to answer this and hundreds of other common patient questions when it matters most.

MDfit enables you to quickly and accurately identify and schedule the ideal provider for each patient every time.


Matches per Hour


Data Factors


Common Conditions Treated per Month


Specialties Included

MDfit considers hundreds of thousands of data points when matching a patient to a provider. Common data, such as insurance eligibility and geospatial location information are included. Lay terminology for treated clinical conditions and concepts are linked within MDfit for every clinical specialty. Provider spoken languages, board certifications, age groups seen, and extensive patient preferences are included. Scheduling data and appointment types are considered. These and many more go into the data intensive process of matching the right provider for each patient.

Our Unique Benefits - Matching

Clinical Condition Matching

By aligning patient conditions with provider preferences and expertise, your patients always see their ideal provider.

Complete Provider Details

Enable all practices and providers to have up-to-date information needed to accurately schedule patients.

Flexible and Adaptable Scheduling

Match, schedule, and refer across departments, specialties, and practices with ease.

Integrate Across Workflows

Combine multiple existing scheduling systems, protocols, and appointment types into an optimized common view and platform.

Matching Across Specialties

Enable central scheduling and customer service functions across specialties and practices with minimal training.

Location Awareness

Turn-by-turn directions and built-in mapping helps get your patients to their appointment on time.

Patient History Clinical Context

Quickly identify care teams, gaps-in-care, and encounter history, for improved care and outcomes.

Provider Designated Preferences

Manage and align provider preferences, clinical scope of practice, and condition-based selections across providers and practices.

Matching Analytics & Reporting

Know: Scheduling trends by zip-code and specialty; matching trends by patient demographics; provider appointment trends; and dozens of others.

Reduce Wrong Appointments

Minimize wasted provider time and resources by having the right patient see the right provider, every time.

Start matching patients today & experience the MDfit difference!

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